Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi Trailer 2

A new trailer hit the interwebs a few hours ago and we could not be more excited.  Riding the high of this past weekends Battlefront 2 open beta, this new trailer gives us a bit more insight into what we can expect from the upcoming Christmas blockbuster. The trailer opens up with a shot of what looks like Kylo Ren from the back, looking out into a First Order hanger gearing up for what looks to be a massive military mobilization. The next shot shows the invasion hinted at earlier with a long line of AT's marching in formation. We actually saw a shot of this scene in the last trailer, but from the side of the resistance. All these images are accompanied by Snoke's voice giving Kylo a pep talk about how special he is.

The next few shots focus on the opposite side of the force. The Island where Rey is training with Luke Skywalker mirrors the intro in some ways.Both scenes show a young force user learning from their elders but how will these lessons change these individuals? From the looks of this trailer, Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi will be a far more personal story centered around Rey and Kylo and their journey on opposite ends of the force spectrum. Cannon leading up to this films release has strongly hinted at a grey area that lies somewhere between the light and the dark sides of the force. Let us know what you think of the new trailer, and who you think 'the Last Jedi' is.

BONUS: We also get a close-up of Snoke's face at the very end which looks kind of like a 70 year old baked potato that sent most of its life in prison.