South Africa’s First Unofficial National Pokemon Go Event


PoGoZa Announces 4 Regional Pokemon GO Events in South Africa coming 30 September 2017 

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Johannesburg, South Africa, 13 September 2017 – PoGoZa (Pokemon GO South Africa) today proudly announced their first unofficial regional Pokemon GO event for South Africa! “Come and be part of the national Pokemon GO day where you can meet up with fellow Pokemon trainers,” said Quinton de Bruyn, Founder of the PoGoZa Facebook Community. “We would like to encourage as many trainers to attend where hatching and catching Pokemon will not be the only activities, but trainers also stand a chance to win exclusive prizes!”

4 Events will be held around South Africa on the same day to bring the nation-wide community together to make a bold statement to The Pokemon Company and Niantic, who developed the popular Pokemon GO Smartphone AR App/Game. “The PoGoZa team has big plans for the community and welcome everyone to join PoGoZa for the first of many events to come.” Quinton added. 

To register for your regional event, please visit to ensure you claim your free spot for the competitions that will be hosted on the day. Trainers all stand a chance to win some exclusive Orena merchandise and tickets to the rAge 2017 Expo that runs from 6 to 8 October 2017 in Johannesburg (Ticket prizes available at select regional events only). Teaming up with CodeBros, trainers attending the Johannesburg event can be featured on the CodeBros live stream broadcast which can be watched via their Twitch channel. To join the Facebook Community, please visit


Region specific event links:

Cape Town:


About PoGoZa

PoGoZa started as a way for the South African community to interact with fellow Pokemon GO fans. Since being established July 2016 by founding member Quinton de Bruyn, PoGoZa has grown exponentially with over 10,000 members to date and now proudly hosts regional events to further unite the Pokemon GO community. PoGoZa has been featured on many reputable news websites, forums, radio stations and social media platforms to compliment and recruit both dependable moderators and devoted community members. For more information, please visit


About Orena

In 2014, a pro Call of Duty player Luca Tucconi founded Orena. Over the last three years, he has developed a brand that epitomizes the love of esports, and allows age-old social bonding to take place - In an Online Arena. Recently, Orena has welcomed new investors and partners. These partners include Nu Metro Cinemas, Red Bull, MSI Gaming, LG Electronics, Sony PlayStation and Emperors Palace Casino. These new associations will allow Orena to pull certain online activities into the physical sphere - making it the only local esports organisation with a dedicated physical space. The Orena Gaming Lounge has recently opened its doors at Emperors Palace Casino in Johannesburg. For more information, please visit


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With many years of experience in the multimedia and entertainment sectors, CodeBros is a freshly founded (est. October 2016) media team consisting of two passionate and dedicated brothers who do reviews of the latest games, gaming gear and other tech devices available to the South African market. They pride themselves in offering unbias news, reviews and opinion pieces that have received praise from companies such as SterKinekor Entertainment, Sony, Acer and Logitech. For more information, please visit

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