PUBG For Dummies

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With the news that PUBG will soon be coming to Xbox One, and thus drawing in more players (jealous much that your friends get to play on PC while you’re stuck “consoling” it?) we thought we would give you a few tips to get you started.

Wait…before we jump in, let’s remind you of just how popular this game is – still in its unfinished Early Access State, the game has sold 13 million copies on PC to date and has peaked at almost 2 million concurrent users. Crazy.

Okay, back to the beginner’s guide:

If you know absolutely nothing about the game, but have pretended to when surrounded by all your friends speaking about it, it’s essentially The Hunger Games: 100 players are dropped onto an island and you must outwit, outplay and outlast to be the final man/woman standing.

With no tutorials or single-player mode you need to spend a lot of time getting killed to learn the ropes. Hence us bringing you this guide!

Pay attention to your surroundings

You’ll need to mix combat, stealth and situational awareness in order to avoid getting killed and to drop your targets. Stay out in the open as much as possible, anticipate where other players may be waiting for you and remember that players who have more kills often end up with better gear – so try and maintain a balance between letting other players pick of targets for you (while you hide in a bathtub or under a car) and killing them yourself.

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Learn, and play with, the controls

Ensure that you become familiar with the game’s controls and make any necessary adjustments as you’ll need all skills to play effectively. Among the most important is the ability to turn your head (we suppose this is an important one in real-life too). Hold down the Alt key to scan for potential enemies. You’ll also need to get used to crouching to reduce your visibility to other players. No need to walk around as ballsily as possible. Other nifty controls include the B key which allows you to switch firing modes and Tab which opens your inventory screen and allows you to loot bodies.

Be circle-conscious

Remember to check the in-game map with the M key. This will show you a white ring depicting the new play-field, with a timer in the bottom righthand corner. When the time runs out a blue ring rushes towards the right one. If you’re caught outside the white ring when the blue one arrives you will start to take damage. Each smaller circle means a greater chance you will run into other players. Much like The Hunger Games – for the Capitol’s viewing pleasure. Clever players use the circle as part of their strategy – ambushing players fleeing the circle.


Know Your Gear

When you drop onto the island you’ll only have the clothes on your back. You can punch others in the face whilst you run to find weapons in buildings. You’ll find equipment, health items and guns almost exclusively in buildings. You will probably want to seek out body armour – it won’t make you invincible, but will allow you to take a lot more damage. Most of the game will be about looking for better gear, so don’t stop checking because your opponents will be doing exactly the same.

Properly manage your stuff

Your ability to effectively carry equipment is limited in PUBG, so you’ll need to manage your haul properly (hording is not a good strategy) and be able to set up your weapons with attachments as quickly as possible. As mentioned earlier you can open your inventory menu with Tab, but you’re vulnerable while checking menus.  A good tip is to use the inventory screen to pick up your stuff instead of the E key. Drag items directly onto your avatar. Prioritizing your inventory items is vital – for instance only carry ammo and attachments for the weapons you have.



Sound carries a far distance in PUBG – hence players getting all salty if playing in a loud environment. You’ll most often hear player before you see them – important when ambushing or being ambushed. Invest in a fine set of headphones if you’re serious about winning.

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Loot and scram

Check buildings as quickly as you can and then move out. Pay careful attention to open doors. In the game doors are closed by default, so if you find them open, they were opened by other players. BUT, you can be sneaky and close doors behind you, thus throwing opponents off your trail. Also note that the bigger and more interesting a building is, the cooler the loot. But try get to them first as you won’t be the only one with the same idea.

Know your guns

As in real-life, not all guns are equal in all situations – a shotgun can be devastating in close-quarters but not effective at all outdoors. Try and procure assault rifles like an AK-47 or M16A as they work in a variety of situations and are even more effective when you find scopes for them. However, as with anything, see which weapons work for you and which you are comfortable with.

Stay “healthy”

Essential items that you will find are first-aid kits, medkits, bandages, painkillers and energy drinks. Bandages and first-aid kits will only restore you to 75% of your health whereas medkits, painkillers and energy drinks will restore your health completely. Note that all healing items will require you to remain still for several seconds while they are being deployed. You’ll be vulnerable, so plan well.

Beware the red circle

If you see a red circle appear in your mini-map find cover immediately. After a few seconds bombs will explode across the red area – another way you could meet your demise in PUBG. Although, a red circle does not mean a certain death. If you are in a car you could potentially outdrive it, although hiding in houses could be tricky as windows and doors blown out could cause damage to passers-by.

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Cover your ass

When you do have to fight an opponent, it is important to know where to stand and how to protect yourself. Bullets cannot penetrate trees and walls, but can make it through doors and bushes. The Q and E keys allow you to lean left or right allowing for quick looks behind cover or to take shots without exposing your entire body.

Outsmart your opponents

Your most valuable weapon in PUBG is your brain. The most important lesson in PUBG is to learn when to fight and when to not. Assess each situation properly and act accordingly. Unless you are sure you have a clean shot, don’t fire your gun – this gives away your position. But don’t hole up the entire game, not only would that be dead boring, but you also won’t learn anything new. And learning is the only way to get better…


Good luck for your next game and “may the odds be ever in your favour”.