Orena is seeking a full-time Graphic Designer/Video Editor.

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Do you love gaming?
Are you passionate and ambitious?
Do you have the skills to pay the bills?

Orena, South Africa’s premier esports company, is seeking a full-time Graphic Designer/Video Editor.

This is a JUNIOR position and we are looking for someone who is able to grow within the company, as well as grow the company itself.


Be completely proficient in the FULL Adobe suite. In other words, you need to be able to design anything and edit everything. Well.

  • Be willing to work odd-hours.
  • Be able to work on super tight deadlines.
  • Be a self-starter.
  • Be able to put major creative geniuses to shame.
  • Have an awesome sense of humour.


Orena is a local esports company, catering to the desires of the masses by day, and saving the esports world by night. We are a young company with a small team and big dreams.


Please send us your CV with a short bio and why you feel that this role was made just for you to info@orena.com