Orena Champions Series - Key Updates! (Updated)

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Below we have listed a few key points regarding the "Orena Champions Series (#OCS)" including results from the Online Leg, an update on prize-pool distribution as-well as a list of teams taking place in this months playoffs.


Season One Results (Online)

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

CSGO Scores5


DOTA Scores2



Below we have listed all the teams that will be taking part in the second "re-seeding" playoff.

OCS - Re-seeding playoff (CS:GO)

Playoff Dates: 21st + 22nd October 2017

Seed 1: White Rabbit Gaming
Seed 2: xTc
Seed 3: Exdee Gaming
Seed 4: Not Skeletons
Seed 5: Ventus
Seed 6: Online Kingdom (F3 Retired)

OCS - Re-seeding playoff (DOTA2)

Playoff Dates: 14th + 15th October 2017

Seed 1: Bravado
Seed 2: xTc
Seed 3: Pulse
Seed 4: Aperture Gaming
Seed 5: Nibble Esports (Gevaalik)
Seed 6: Ventus
Seed 7: Villianz
Seed 8: New Text Document


Confirmed OCS Teams

Below we have listed the already confirmed teams for the OCS LAN Qualifier which will take place in the new year.

OCS: Championship Teams (CS:GO)

FINAL SEED QUALIFIER LAN Dates - 26th + 27th January 2018

Seed 1: Bravado Gaming
Seed 2: Energy Esports
Seed 3: Goliath Gaming
Seed 4: Big 5 Esports
Seed 5: Damage Control
Seed 6: Orgless Gaming
Seed 7: Aperture Gaming
Seed 8: (Awaiting Playoff Result)
Seed 9: (Awaiting Playoff Result)
Seed 10: (Awaiting Playoff Result)

OCS: Championship Teams (DOTA2)

FINAL SEED QUALIFIER LAN Dates - 19th + 20th January 2018

Seed 1: White Rabbit Gaming
Seed 2: Exdee Gaming
Seed 3: Energy Esports
Seed 4: Sinister 5
Seed 5: Goliath Gaming
Seed 6: The Goon Squad
Seed 7: (Awaiting Playoff Result)
Seed 8: (Awaiting Playoff Result)
Seed 9: (Awaiting Playoff Result)
Seed 10: (Awaiting Playoff Result)


Prize Distribution

With the system faults experienced in "SEASON ONE" of our OCS Ladders, we have made the decision to combine the ladder prize pool to the final #OCS pot.

Our choice is based on the fact that we cannot justify awarding prizes to teams that aren't accurately ranked due to issues with our system.

We have since added the ladder prize pot to the final #OCS prize pot. We have the updated split listed below.


1st: R300 000
2nd: R120 000
3rd: R75 000
4th: R75 000
5th: R50 000
6th: R50 000
7th: R25 000
8th: R25 000
9th: R15 000
10th: R15 000


We do apologize for the drastic changes so close to the end of the season, but we have made the decision with the idea of trying to keep the tournament as fair as possible due to the fact that we faced critical issues with our ladder ranking system which is currently being rectified.

If you have any questions regarding the above, please feel free to mail us at info@orena.com