EGE 2017: The E-Sports Event Capetonians Have Been Waiting For?

ege expo

The Electronics and Gaming Expo (EGE) 2017 came and went this past weekend, making it the organisers’ third annual event.

The expo has moved from humble beginnings three years ago, to become a highly anticipated gaming event in Cape Town.

The cancellation of rAge Cape Town 2017 added even more hopes that EGE 2017 would be able to provide the local community with the gaming event they’ve been thirsting for.

While much of the expo has remained the same to its previous iterations, there is one front which has seen a big shift at the event – e-sports.

Setting A New Level for E-Sports in Cape Town

rAge Cape Town 2016 was one of the first events to showcase local e-sports tournaments, but in the absence of a 2017 event, EGE did a great job in providing e-sports fans with a platform for players and viewers.

Telkom’s VS Gaming built an impressive e-sports arena for DoTA 2 at EGE 2017, complete with player booths and stands for the audience.

This was definitely one of the most professional setups we’ve seen locally – limited not in presentation, but mostly in size.


Viewers were able to watch the game on a giant projected screen, while the lighting rigs gave attendees that real e-sports arena feel.

The seats were packed with audience members focused on the screen and the shoutcaster’s narration. If not for the size of the arena, it could easily be compared with the setups seen in international e-sports events.

However, EGE didn’t only give huge gaming leagues a platform to showcase e-sports – and other smaller leagues were also able to partake.

ACGL Adds Some Variety to the Mix

The African Cyber Gaming League (ACGL) had their own stage where competitors were able duke it out in Injustice 2, FIFA 17 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

This adds something a bit different to the e-sports mix, outside of the usual MOBA titles or FPS games. It is also a great gateway to attract viewers who don’t generally watch e-sports.

While many people are unfamiliar with the mechanics in games such as League of Legends and can easily be put off by this, a 1v1 match between superheroes or football teams can be quite compelling entertainment.

ege acgl

ACGL, despite not having the complex setup that comes with having a huge sponsor like Telkom, was able to attract a large audience at the expo. Once the provided seats were filled, viewers still crowded around the stage to watch the action.

What Do We Hope Will Happen at EGE 2018?

Hopefully EGE 2018 will continue to provide e-sports fans in Cape Town with an event which caters to the community.

We definitely hope that EGE will expand further into its role as the headline expo for local gamers – possibly with more publisher and distributor stands in the exhibition showroom.

Gamers in the Cape Town area are hungry for an event which does the industry justice. With rAge Cape Town no longer seeming like an option, they will look to EGE to fulfil this role instead.