An Overwatch PTR error log has pointed at Doomfist's looming reveal

Doomfist, among other speculated characters in the past, is easily one of the most hyped up reveals coming to Overwatch in the near future.

ESWC's second Qualifier will take place at the Electronic Gaming Expo in Cape Town

It's time for our annual ESWC Qualifier, but this year we're changing it up to promote and reward our local Counter-Strike teams for their hard work.

Here's a list of Raid Bosses (so far) in Pokemon GO

If you've recently started playing Pokemon GO again, you might be wondering why so many people are gathering around gyms. It used to be a drive-by-effort to defeat a gym...

PUBG reaches four million copies sold in three months

The "Early Access" phase of any game is often touch and go, but not for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

"We just want people to have a good time," says Nintendo exec on cross-platform play

Nintendo and Microsoft wowed fans last week at E3 when they announced Rocket League and Minecraft will become cross-compatible on PC, Xbone and the Nintendo Switch.

Niantic unveils new plan to curb cheating

Raid Battles are coming, and there's nothing worse than those players who have been using third party software to gain a foot on their fellow players.

Riot have forced The Red Bulls to change their name

The Red Bulls, a new team in the EU Challenger Series have been forced, by Riot Games, to changed their name to Team RB effective immediately.

The Steam Summer Sale starts tomorrow (22/6)

PayPal UK jumped the gun yesterday revealing the dates for the upcoming Steam Summer Sale, which begins tomorrow.

A new gun is coming to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

PUBG have been incredible with their communication and updates which have ensured a great "Early Access" phase for their title.

Revamped Gyms in Pokemon GO include Raid Battles and more

Pokemon Gyms were taken down last week pending a new update to the system. This was a great chance to catch those final few Pokemon in preparation for whatever Niantic...