February, 2018

The Takealot Battle Royale > Player List

Look below to view the slot number you will join on your respective server.

O Show: Ep 4 - Kingdom Come Deliverance

This week on The O Show Lila Lerie wraps up your gaming news week, RoBoHoBo brings you the latest in local and international esports and we take a first look at Kingdom Come Deliverance.

Full Tilt - Ep 5: Bravado Gaming - African esports 2018 & the Future

RoBoHoBo chats to Inferno and Cent about Bravado Gaming's local and international goals for 2018. 

Full Tilt - Ep 4: Esports, Crypto and the Blockchain!

RoBoHoBo grabs Greg "Rora1" Van der Spuy out of his busy schedule to have a little chat over Skype about the possible links between gaming, esports, and cryptocurrencies.Watch the clip...

ORENA #ScrimSessions > Season 2 Division Split

The ORENA #ScrimSessions heads into its 4th week and will now include set divisions!We have taken the TOP 10 & BOTTOM 10 teams from each server and split them into...

O Reviews - Black Panther

The first of a million Marvel movie releases this year, Black Panther sets an incredible precedent. If this film is anything to go by, hold onto your butts.

Full Tilt - Ep 3: Unpacking Ubisoft and community questions!

RoBoHoBo and KeanuReeves take your community questions, as well as break down Ubisofts 2017 highs and lows.

O Show Ep.2 - Flick shots and Kamehameha's!

Lila Lerie wraps up your weekly gaming news. RoBoHoBo dives into your esports update, and then we take a closer look at both Battalion 1944 and Dragonball FighterZ.

New Trailer for Deadpool 2: Meet Cable

Meet Cable, the time travelling partner in crime to our beloved Deadpool, played by Josh Brolin.

Calling All Witches and Wizards!

We still don’t know when the new Harry Potter AR mobile game Wizards Unite will be released this year, but we are hella excited.