December, 2016

Thank you for a great year!

Today we’re closing our doors on 2016 and taking a much needed holiday break. wants 3D Livestreams

While VR might be a bit too fresh to implement into live streaming of esports, 3D has been around for years and earned their place in the cinematic world as...

Overwatch's Christmas event is live

After an extremely popular Halloween event, Overwatch is back with a Christmas update which went live today. Grab some special skins, emotes and more.

Australia launches 24/7 esports network

Surprisingly, our friends down under have a rather large esports community. Australians are a hot topic in esports as their teams continue to grow from strength to strength as they...

New Pokemon enter Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is at it again after recently updating their Nearby & Sightings function. Yesterday, PoGo announced they’re adding a few new Pokemon, including Togepi and Pichu, as well as...

Evil Genius and Alliance gain independence

The 13th of December 2016 will go down in the history book as the day both Alliance and Evil Genius gained their independence.

Astralis take the ECS Season 2 Finals

Astralis are finally back and proved to everyone that they’re not just really good at topping group stages.

OG Take the Boston Major

The Boston Dota 2 Major delivered some fantastic games this past weekend, including the usual few upsets which ruined our betting predictions.

The Nearby Tracker is getting some fine tuning

A few months ago Pokemon Go upgraded their “Nearby” tracker to include sightings of Pokemon. The new update has fine-tuned the system which many fans complained about by including Nearby...

We don't want your sports!

It really doesn’t feel like Counter Strike: Global Offensive was released in 2012. The game has shown immense growth over the last year and everything before then seems forgettable to me.