November, 2016

The OCS Ladder closes tonight

As of midnight, tonight, the Season 2 ladder of the OCS will close where the top eight teams on the ladder will move on to the playoffs.

Don't get hit by cars in Overwatch's new map

How do you ensure your growing esport remains at the top? It’s simple, keep adding great, interesting content.

No Man's Sky returns with "Foundation Update"

2016 Has been a pretty horrible year. It started with Harambe, and got progressively worse as Donald Trump was elected president.

Who are Hollywoodbets?

If you’re a frequent user of our site you may have noticed some new adverts popping up by Hollywoodbets.

OCS Ladder ends next week

Season two of the Orena Overwatch Championship Series is coming to a close. After an initial slow start, the ladder has seen some great action over the past few weeks.

Symmetra gets a redesign

Blizzard hinted at it, and now it’s here. Everyone’s favourite Microwave, who has since fallen off the competitive top tier list, has received a number of significant changes.

The Division's Survival DLC is out

Last week we discussed the upcoming Division DLC called “Survival” and today it’s here. The Division was one of our most anticipated games upon release.

Las Vegas opens its books to eSports

2016 Was a rought year for eSports gambling. After the total collapse of skin betting, an industry which was raking in millions, the more conventional betting site began picking up...

Overwatch's graphic novel has been cancelled

If anything, Overwatch’s characters and their stories have left much to be desired by fans. The animated shorts which have played out like a brilliant, yet dark, Pixar film have...

TSM and Cloud9 partner with Twitch

It’s not uncommon to see a Twitch log on teams shirts. The broadcasting company has long held ties with some of the biggest gaming organisations around, but the new partnership...